Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh, how I heart thee...

While I gather up the courage to search my room and discover my camera battery (I was going to charge it, I swear I was) I'll provide you with some google images of things that make me very, very happy.

It's summer. Summer, to me, means Banana Boat sunscreen, the lake, and fruit. All kinds of fruit. One of the best things about living in the salad bowl of the world is that I have fresh fruit just around the corner. I love the baskets of strawberries for a dollar, and the fresh peaches. I even snagged a pineapple, which I've yet to cut up.
Two of my "goals" (read: dreams) in life are to own a thrift store and to own a cottage. The cottage thing is taking over, causing me to google images and spend too much time making them on the Sims3.
And lastly, matryoshka dolls. Just snagged these floral ones off of etsy. Hopefully the ladies will be here by Monday. All I have to say is that I've already cleared a shelf.
Image from billyandwinston via etsy.

Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have gathered the camera and taken some snazzy pictures of beach-themed thrifted finds and food. Hopefully. Possibly even an outfit post, if I'm feeling spontaneous.