Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day Vacations

This morning my grandma called me up and asked if I wanted to take a drive down to her past living locations, about twenty minutes south of Salinas. Though we didn't get to do everything we planned (I packed a picnic lunch only to discover that they charged ten dollars to get into the park), it was quick trip to some nearby California locations. Gonzalez, Soledad, and Greenfield are south of us, and they're only a few miles apart. My mom grew up here, but besides a few quick passes going to LA, I'd never actually visited any of these places.

The cemetery in Greenfield was probably the best part of the entire trip because it's where a lot of relatives on my mom's side are buried. The tombstone is of my great-aunt and uncle. Apparently, I'm almost identical personality wise to my Aunt Lizzie. This is according to my grandma. According to my uncle, it's true, because she was one tough lady.

The trip was casual. We didn't actually walk around much, because my grandma's in her seventies and those hips just don't move like they used to. I only took pictures of my bag and shoes because they seemed like the only notable items of the assemble.

I had fun, though. There's something about driving through old country roads with the windows down that makes you happy.

Shoes: Oxfords via Savers.
Bag: UO

I'm getting better at this! Quite possibly no one is reading, but I'm working on it...

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