Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Little Miss Thrift

I felt very direction-less with the blog for quite some time, but I think I've finally settled into posting about things I know about, such as thrifting! Thrift stores and thrifting are some of my favorite things to do. After being Savers-deprived for a few weeks, I finally got to take a quick look around the store.

There were some Ferragamo shoes I fancied, but for eleven dollars and I size too small, I let 'em go. However, I did find a lovely Royal typewriter (right) in it's original case. The typewriter on the left was one I picked up at Savers a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, due to lack of space, they're both in their case right now.

The two vintage bathing suits were steals I found. It's amazing, I think, how no one ever looks at the bathing suit section in thrift stores. You find some real jewels! Though neither are for me, I hope to open an etsy shop this weekend, where they'll be posted. Links on that when it comes.

My favorite suit is the two-piece, but I'm having a little trouble dating it. Gorgeous, either way, though.

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  1. wow, what beautiful finds! compleatly love them :) X


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